Don’t give up!

Don’t give in!

Trees shed their leaves before they bloom in season

So, don’t be anxious about your situation

Don’t be dismayed

For the Lord your God is with you

Don’t give up!

The whole of Heaven is standing with you

God is watching over you

Yes, it is a fact that your friends are getting married and having children

Yes, it is a fact that, they are being called for interviews and are getting all the juicy jobs

Yes, it is a fact that they have changed their cars about 3 times and you are still taking public transport

Yes, these are all facts


 Facts are facts


God is God

The God of the Universe,

The God that walked with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, is your God

How cool is that?

In fact He is your Father

He is watching over you with a smile

This, is your period of test

Don’t give up!

Probably God is up and about bragging about you to the devil just like in the case of Job

Don’t give up now

Has He not sustained you up till now?

Has he not given you life?

He has the upper hand


He has won the victory, on the cross of Calvary

Don’t give up now

Havn’t you realized He comes through for you in the end?

Don’t give up

Be careful not to utter any word against Him

He is indeed watching over you

And smiling because He knows and has seen your end

It ends in Victory!!!

It’s not by your works, or by the number of days you spend fasting

It is by His Grace

Do what you can and leave the results to God

God wants His best for you ,

Don’t give up,

Don’t be anxious

For it ends in Victory!!!