Scientists and Engineers would try and replicate God’s creation from scratch

But they Cannot!

They create robots to act like humans

Some even have this funny idea that robots can replace human beings one day

Yet these robots can neither grow or diminish

They cannot grow taller, nor shorter, bigger nor smaller

No, they cannot

They are just as they were created

A machine cannot mate with another machine, get pregnant and give birth

It would have to be manufactured by this same human being that God has created

Even in cloning, scientists need cells from the original  organism whether animal or plant, that’s God’s creation

There is no one like God

Try as much as some people  would want to deny the existence of God

Deep deep down ,  they don’t believe that God doesn’t exist themselves

They only have to put up a façade

They have to show the world that they are right no matter the evidence that is all around them

Try as much as they can

They can’t

Because the evidence is there for all to see

The trees

The animals

Nature in itself

The earth and

The Heavens

And most importantly “US”


Created in the very image and likeness of God himself!

What a wonderful master artist and creator

God has graced us with wisdom and knowledge to use his creation to also create to glorify His name

Not to doubt His existence

God Does exist