WAITING…(A poem)


One of the most exasperating, frustrating, and painful thing anyone could ever do

Waiting is difficult

I am yet to encounter one human being who delights in waiting to get what they soooo passionately desire


Absolutely no-one

But it is in waiting that God prepares us

It is in waiting that lessons are learnt

It is in waiting that God molds and shapes us

It is in waiting that we get closer to God



From waiting for the right spouse, to the child that you so desire, through to that dream job, to that spouse/child who has gone astray to come back to themselves,

To that promotion which always seem to pass you by.

To that ailment that has plagued you for years

To that pain in your heart from a betrayal or loss



And draaab, nothing happens

Then more waiting …

And much… much… more….waiting

It is never easy

From a few hours to a few days,….

To a few weeks, to a few years and then sometimes

To a few decades

The clock is ticking

Tick-tock, tick-tock

And you begin to ask yourself

“Does God love me?

Does He care what happens to me?

Does He even exist?

What have I done?

Why would He do this to me?

He can do this in a heartbeat, So why is He making me wait?

Why me?”

Why not you?

Who should it be?

It’s you because He knows what you are capable of handling

“He has plans for you…..plans to prosper you

And not to harm you

To give you a future and an EXPECTED END” (Jeremiah 29:11)

This is Good News

Great news….


Worship whilst waiting

Pray, whilst waiting

Sing praises, whilst waiting

Encourage yourself in the Lord like David did

Count your blessings and name them one by one

Help that friend who needs help

Get busy in the house of God

Live a righteous life

Stay focused on God, not turning to the left or to the right

Prepare for the miracle

God has got your back

The whole of Heaven is working on your case

And soon, you will rejoice

And laugh, and laugh

And it will seem like it was only yesterday

Wipe your tears

Stand up straight

Hold your Head up high

Stand tall

Very soon, in just a little while it will all be over

And you will understand why you had to wait

God has got a lot invested in you

Don’t give up just yet

Wait…Wait… It is coming

And God will make it your worthwhile.